Fashion is the basis for this blog; design and art though, are the heart of what it will be about.

Raised in an arisitic background with Gustav Klimt and Frida Kahlo as my back bones in constructing my “unique” perception of beauty and what creativity is, I have now ventured off into a more direct vision in what I want to be inspired by.

This blog isn’t about pretty dresses, beautiful people and the empty subconscious’ of the consumer mind but it’s a blog for those who dare to dream, touch, and own. I am looking to own my own creativity. I am looking for the untamed, unforgivable side to fashion. It can’t all be beautiful, right?

You decide what your interpretation of my words will be. I give you Johannesburg, Fashion in the eyes of the small town dreamer, whose artistic nature leads them through the tramp side of this city and industry.

Don’t be afraid, I will still show you beauty, style, trends and the hot spots but we’re taking a different route this time …


Design District


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    • I do apologise for lack of content. My school life has had me swamped. I will be taking a fashion trip in a few alleys of Joburg for some inspiration. I definitely will be putting something together. I havent forgotten my readers.


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