End of Fashion week – 13 March 2012


LISOF trends

Cute crop leather jacket, major trend.

It’s a Monday morning and everyone has a straight face on. You can tell that the weekend was just too much fun for some of us, and for others we just simply hate Monday mornings.

While I am in the taxi, on my way to the 7:30 Pattern Making class, we pass Hyde Park Corner and the tents are slowly coming down.From what was once a lustrous venue where all of Joburg’s IT people strove to be seen, was now just a simple parking lot, lone poles and lingering banners

Our lecturers return to the faces we have associated them with. The conversation at school now is no  longer about which show are you sneeking into, or which one do you wish you could see; but is now centered around how frustrated everyone is with the new timetable. For some of us though Pattern Making PTD01 showed us flames.

Who said class isn't fun.



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