Neighbour Goods Market – Corner Juta and de Beer

Neighbour Goods Market – Corner Juta and de Beer

It’s Saturday morning and believe you me, I am so lazy to get up before 9 O’clock but my lecturer has said we should do ourselves a favour as fashion students living in Johannesburg. That is, to go visit the Neighbour Goods Market situated on the corner of Juta and de Beer’s street in town.

My lecturer has hit the bell on the head, he wasn’t over exaggerating when he said that place was something of a must if you live in Joburg. Neighbour Goods Market is the Saturday event for most fashion forward Joburg individuals, even your stepford wife who screams style is there and she’s not sacrificing on her style.

Elana Afrika, dressed in a black number (pencil skirt and vest with a jacket) sports a young short hair do, definitely a pointer in what direction this place might be headed.

What was or is fashion in Joburg comes out to play on a Saturday in the heart of Joburg. You see the black ladies, weaves floral prints, manicures and well planned outfits strutting their way through the roof top crowd. The white boy jocks in boat shoes, pastel shorts and round neck t-shirts.

I met a Spanish guy and Afrikaans chick, Marlisia. They both stay in Randburg but love to come to the Neighbour Goods Market. Marlisia said, “it’s that one spot you can enjoy good food, cheap wine and meet new people.”

This place has all you need under one roof, whether you’re the budding artist, fashion forward socialist, ever present desperate housewife and stepford mom; everyone plays on what is their fashion to Johannesburg.

Stripes, patterns, prints in all varieties, vests and shorts, vintage and what’s trendy in modern terms comes together over food and frozen margarita’s.

Walking to the market


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  1. Always had a passion for the inner city renaissance love to see joburg take it ” back to the city”just like the hip hop festival on freedom day 27th April in Newtown. Sorry to push my own agenda anyway would love for all our cities take a similar path, you know Siviwe with your own botique store somewhere in downtown slummie cnr of oxford and union street haha that all of flock to for a sheer appreciation of our own lifestyle astethics that range between us but somehow unite us….hope what I say makes sense..just how I feel

    • lol love the reply – so you to push side agendas.

      i don’t know about a boutique in slummies hey – never seen my designs falling in the hands of everyone but rather in long street.


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