Mercedez Benz Fashion Week was something of a coming out party for me, my debutant night.

However, South African Fashion Week though is the Freshman’s ball and I am definitely prepping better for this one.  After attending my first show, I know what I need to be able to capture what each show is about.

I took a peek at the programme, I am still salivating at the shows I am interested in.

You may claim to know and love a designer but it’s like seeing a painting for the first time. You can claim to understand the artist and what they’re trying to express, but that “Once in a lifetime’ moment, gives you an eye opener into what it all comes down too.

I can’t say I am too ecstatic about the fact tha, similar designers have been used in SA Fashion as in Mercedez Benz Fashion Week. I simply crave for whoever is in charge to just give us variety. South Africa has a array of designers, why aren’t we showcasing them.

Enough of my soap box moment.

Classic names to SA Fashion Week which I am looking forward to seeing would be Black Coffee, Clive Rundle, Suzaan Heyns.

I would like to thank those responsible for the planning.  Our organisers have made sure to use the Crowne Plaza in Rosebank, as one venue as well as some parts of The Zone shopping Mall also in Rosebank. Convenience, so close to school.

I hope SA Fashion Week will leave me inspired for my exams.

SA Fashion Week 29 March – 1 April



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