Coming home from Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and now Johannesburg has always been more than a school vacation for me.

Each time I have found myself studying way from home, the familiar faces, down the road visits and look out sessions seem to be those moments I miss and crave the most when I think of what keeps bringing me back to this small city.

The artistic, hungry, understanding and desire I find in my friends faces and coming out of their mouths is the inspiration behind my own hunger for success. They always seem to remind me, why we are all working so hard to leave our small Slum Village to find our kingdoms.

This blog has turned into a voice which I want to use productively and efficiently.

I want us to find youthful hunger, burning desires to conquer this country which seems to crave nourishment from its own people.

I love finding the new, unique, known and familiar – the people who lived next door to you yet they could have been Frida Kahlo’s apprentice, McQueen’s seamstress who later becomes his biggest competitor.

My favourite blog to read while sitting in the taxi on my way home is written by a girl I was in school with, Carmen Booth. A talented, down-to-earth soul who never shy’s away from the hard to find beauty in this shifty world we keep beautifying, is a great writer. Read more on this lady and her wild and wise views on our society

I have seen my brothers dreaming of owning their own clothing labels or just having a sick T-shirt business, you know … doing what they love. As much as we would like to think that we can all just dream up something and POOF there it is, these day dreams we would have while chilling at a mate’s house are still just dreams.

Mck Clothing though, was the dream which came through. My eyes were glued onto these guys and what they were doing with street style. East London boys took their dream and put it on material. Young, hip and street conscious clothing has been given a different voice. This clothing label is using the guys and gals on the street to rock their threads and convey the full message of Youthful fashion with a Voice to lead and dominate in today’s society. Take a further look at their stuff and I am sure if you are from Slum Ville, you probably will recognise a few faces

I must say though, I have some talented friends. Anime and I have never sailed across the same seas but when I met Charlie Jonck, I met Anime. This young lady is talented with pen, paint, chalk; no medium seems to limit how she can expand her minds whimsical yet sexy, trance-like beings into living works of art. Animation still waits with baited breath to see what this girl can truly produce. Keep your eyes peeled onto this blog to see her grow in front of our eyes.

While I am at it, I would like to thank my best friend and “editor” Jessica Townsend. This blog needs two heads to create the work it wishes to bring to the world and this young lady has taken my mad ramblings and packaged them in a prettier box for you all to peel open.

Art knows no hierarchacy, it deems itself as a platform for the people and those who want to use it to put themselves out there for the world to absorb.

I am going to be on the hunt for some home town talent.



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