I was starving, he was tired of Rosebank aka  The Zone and I had seen something in Voila Magazine about a place which looked gorgeous, and I wanted to go there.

We get lost driving to Illovo from Rosebank, but to us, that’s normal.

Something about this picture.
It felt like I was in a stolen moment.

“Babe, where is this place we going to?” he asked me.

“There it is!” I shout with such excitement.

The discomfort during this entire adventure wasn’t about getting lost or will we even enjoy this place. The discomfort during this journey was found in trying to locate parking.

 We had to park on the other side of the block and take a young walk to actually get to this gem, I so eagerly wanted to see and experience.

This initially started as a morning bargaining card. “Honey, I will take you out for breakfast today,” is all I had to say to him. The munchies were  killing us. This breakfast idea though soon became an idea to maybe try something new and add a new experience to my score board.


“It’s adorable” – random thought which flooded my mind as I walked through the doors. He’s also pretty impressed.

There’s a table of about 10 people, a mixture of some beautiful people.

 We find our table and my eyes wander the room. Looking at the faces, analysing the decor, taking in the atmosphere, and I begin to make my summaries and ideas about this place.


The man behind the flowers could
have been an ornament, the way his
face completes this picture.


The decor has a homely feel to it. The chalk boards, vinyls floating like music notes and massive industrial fridges are accompanied by warm wooden features. The tables remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

Pippie lang Kouse

Ok, so I am sold so far.

We order a bottle of wine. I didn’t notice any hard tack lying around, so papsak it is. It’s a good bottle, Semi sweet White (R120), not that I love white wine. The lady serving us pours a taster glass for him and he quickly answers “no, no its fine. You don’t have to do that.” I giggle, the lady smiles and the side note is his voice echoing a “Mmm!”

 We both decided that if you are planning on trying this place, be in a relaxed mood. Trabella requires you create your atmosphere, enough of an atmosphere so you don’t notice the slow service. This is one of those places where the food, mood and people you are with, help you build this amazing experience filled with beautiful memories.

The Food!


I have been talking around it instead of just telling you about it. The food is organic, fresh and if you love a good thin base pizza – TRY THE PEPPARONI CHILLI (add chicken to it if you a meat lover).

The food was worth the wait. It satisfied those munchies and I landed up with the ITIS. At R280 for something different, I think could splurge on this moment more often.

While we were sitting there he kept saying, “I can see you living in Illovo.”

As much as it lingers near those Rosebank streets where the air screams style and pace, this part of Jozi throws you in 1993. It’s busy but the old building and intimately built apartment blocks leaves you feeling like you walked into “The African Italian Ghetto’s” of Johannesburg. I could know my neighbour if I stayed there.

Illovo – I think there’s still more to appreciate about this area.




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