Do we ever truly know someone?

We put on facades of who we want to be perceived as through or clothing, accessories, hairstyles and make-up.

Every morning we wake up, either having planned our outfits for that day or, we randomly throw together whatever the mood allows. We internally debate who we want the world to see for the day.

Whether its, workaholic, Power player, school child, fashion follower or trend setter, we all pick who we are and who  we want to be known as.

While working on my Trend Analysis assignment I realised how much language is used in our clothes, how one can interpret the deeper meanings of our subconscious through our clothes.

A limited wardrobe can restrict the language of an individual who wants to be read on a daily basis like a journal. Inserts of their lives mould their way into other people’s lives.

Fashion has a voice.

Autumn has never looked more fresh,
young and in complete control of how it wants
to be read as. She’s not shying away
from primary colours
being the voice of an inconspicuous season.

Performance in fashion would be me and you, and the way we allow the clothing to speak and play its theatrical part in our routines.

Today my performance is lazy student on a Saturday, chilling at home nursing the flu.

I am in my old tights, my favourite soccer jersey which my uncle had given to me after his first trip to Brazil, my hair looks like its been battling the harshest winters this planet has ever shown us and my stoakies are not too far from me. Today my clothing speaks of exhaustion, laziness, comfort and complete beauty rebellion in all its GIRLY I DON’T GIVE A HOOT ATTITUDE.

It’s amazing to see how, the moment I embraced what my body felt and what my mind demanded of me, the sooner I felt like my old self again.

Hmmm … Could there be something truly that deep about our clothing?

They say the body and mind are all aligned in symmetry I think the same can be said for our emotions and clothing.

Think of how, when you wake up feeling like you on top of the world, You power dress for that mood you want to show. The confident, positive, fashion forward attitude might be played out in you’re wearing a Black pencil skirt, Tangerine blouse and blue stilettos with simple accessories. Bright strong colours which speak volumes but the right accessories could bring that subtle maturity without making your feel like you conforming to the norm.

We are artists in how we visually create and design ourselves with our days and moods.

What are your clothes saying about you today??

Thebe and his great hair. I see attitude, a confidence
which oozes off the screen and draws you in.
He’s fun yet the sense of maturity in those eyes.
Don’t take this man lightly.
Photograph by Thebe Magugu

Even without his wild hair, this simple boy from
Kimberly still maintains his vibrant persona.
His clothes speak the language
of eccentric laughter and a definite flare for the drama-filled.



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  1. advertising and *********** with Adwords. Anyway I am adding this RSS to my email and can look out for much extra of your respective exciting content. Make sure you update this again soon..

  2. In my cotton turquoise pyjama’s, I have taken on the role of exhausted student. The cotton representing the relaxed and clean feeling I have yet the colour shows my energy and attitude which never falters 🙂

    Forget the physical weather – the clouds, sun, rain and wind in my mood dirctly influences my dress code for each day.


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