This woman has an awkward beauty to her. Love it


I stumbled upon an amazing picture of model Harmony Boucher & couldn´t stop staring at it. She has a very androgynous style & is also very versatile. She has another career as a singer in a indie rock band called Vuvuvultures. You can watch their video´s on youtube. I need to listen to them some more. She has a great voice-very British.

The picture above is the one that really caught my eye. Genius.


All the photos are from Models 1.

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I am your typicall "artsy farty" girl whose one way of rebelling the acceptabele was through a paint brush. Now I paint, design where 1 sixty Jan Smuts stands as the background to the knowledge to what I learn as Joburg fashion. I guess to me it's all about what's fashionable, who is fashion and what about Joburg isn't hobo fashion


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