Winter and the Wardrobe – Key items


Key Items for Winter 2012:

  • Thermo vests and leggings are amazing!!! They reduce the layer count but also keep you toasty especially for this Inland winter we facing.
  • Two good coats are essential for this winter. Depending on your own personal style please consider a bit of colour. Winter in South Africa is colourful – We as South Africans are colourful so lets not shy away from that Navy Blue Trench coat.
  • You should have bought your boots by now! If you are still trying to find a pair now, then honey we have a problem. They were much cheaper 3 months ago.
  • Androgyny is this winters hottest look – I am in love with it and a good pair of pants with a tailored cut are essential in your wardrobe. They can ease you on those slightly warmer days (whatever warm is).
  • Sheer skirts are more of a summer/autumn look but they definitely have a place in your wardrobe this winter. Their sexy and allow you to flirt a bit with the thoughts of the upcoming summer.
  • Layer, layer, layer!!! I cannot stress this any further.

Guys once we in the heart of winter, retailers hit their peak in making us all pay that little bit extra on items. This is when I start recommending 2nd hand shopping, markets and vintage stores.



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