There always comes a time when home is truly where the soul finds refuge.
Fashion capital or not I needed to revive my soul and only my mother’s food and familiar faces would help.

Initially the idea of travelling by bus just didn’t appeal to m. After the first trip to jozi by bus, I wasn’t going to make tht mistake again. Until now.

Traveling by bus used to be the main method of travel and the most comfortable. What changed? U can’t tell me the popular move to aeroplanes made the bus companies drop their standards.

In all this travelling my poor bum has bn sour for a good 70% of the trip. 

It’s no longer an option. Flying from Joburg to East London or vice versa should become first priority.  I wasn’t made for this type of travel.
Either way – I hope East London inspires me.


Chat later … xxx

Hometown glory



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