Winter and the Wardrobe – Key items


Key Items for Winter 2012:

  • Thermo vests and leggings are amazing!!! They reduce the layer count but also keep you toasty especially for this Inland winter we facing.
  • Two good coats are essential for this winter. Depending on your own personal style please consider a bit of colour. Winter in South Africa is colourful – We as South Africans are colourful so lets not shy away from that Navy Blue Trench coat.
  • You should have bought your boots by now! If you are still trying to find a pair now, then honey we have a problem. They were much cheaper 3 months ago.
  • Androgyny is this winters hottest look – I am in love with it and a good pair of pants with a tailored cut are essential in your wardrobe. They can ease you on those slightly warmer days (whatever warm is).
  • Sheer skirts are more of a summer/autumn look but they definitely have a place in your wardrobe this winter. Their sexy and allow you to flirt a bit with the thoughts of the upcoming summer.
  • Layer, layer, layer!!! I cannot stress this any further.

Guys once we in the heart of winter, retailers hit their peak in making us all pay that little bit extra on items. This is when I start recommending 2nd hand shopping, markets and vintage stores.


This is for the woman whose scars hide underneath all those layers.

She holds more pain than the ordinary house wife, girlfriend or side chick.

She’s constantly beaten by him and told she’s worth nothing yet she always seems to stay around.

The clothes on her back hide her story.

They hide the person who yearns to be heard, seen and appreciated and so she drowns herself in too much fabric, too many panel lines and too much make up hoping we all pass her by.

Her language doesn’t speak attention (sexual kind) but it speaks of need and anguish.

Her story hides beneath the bustle of the cars on these tolling roads.

She takes the time each morning to create this ‘plain Jane’ facade not knowing that she could be building a stronger person through those same pieces of fabric.

She could have changed her circumstance into promise  just by changing the way her Language of Clothes spoke to the world.

Maybe we would have seen her, taken the time to know her story and try save her from herself.

As much as this blog is about fashion – I am aiming to break down all preconceived notions of what fashion is. Who this hierarchy is and what fashion should be speaking to you and me, the hobo’s of this saturated world.

Clothing, designers, we are in this cut throat industry, we hold a lot of power in the garments we create and interpret for the world. We dictate people’s success, their shame and their wishes yet a simple piece of clothing can be perceived as just a decorative detail.

The empty stare on his face, coupled with this shade of green – I could see him loosing himself in a heavy Hip Hop beat. He looks like he envisioned a century lost and unknown to the rest of us.

The family which stays below me seems ‘normal’ I guess but when the sun sets and all is quiet on the streets – you hear doors being slammed, children crying and angry voices.

The wife’s clothing leads me to believe she’s your humble stay-at-home mom but things truly aren’t as they seem. What does her story tell others?

I find it hard to believe that a woman in this day and age, cannot claim back her own power in a simple thing like a shirt or a skirt.

From the time when the androgynous look came into womens fashion, we as females gained another podium on which we could dictate how we wanted the world to view us. We demanded more respect, so we cut the frills out and showed our gender counterparts that we too could be in the driver’s seat.

Sandi has a way of always finding different ways of expressing her sexual freedom and femininity through her clothing. She lets her clothing speak volumes for her bubbly personality.


A stronger woman, a more confident woman would now be harder to miss.

Her posture begs you to notice her.

Her colour combinations call your eyes on her.

Her smile in this black number. You become part of this person through this picture. Ms Tebogo Seele

Her smile invites the conversation long before you two have even said “Hello”.

I have defined my sexuality through my clothing. I blur the lines now between what would have been seen as ‘provocative’ to now being applauded for looking sexy, beautiful and adorable.

The fabric, the attention to detail – the presentation of who I am. It no longer lies in what I try to sell you, like an AD CAMPAIGN. Instead, I put the package together in colourful wrapping and ribbons and hope that you take it for what I am trying to tell you, through my Language of my Clothes.

“Are you HIDDEN or EXPOSED by the Language found in your clothes?”



My apologies to my readers for the lack of content in recent months.

I won’t try to woo you all with false promises but I will be getting back to my writing. I have a great interview in the works for you all and a few fashion “ooh’s and aah’s” to make you love me again.

I hope what I have to offer can soften you fashion souls.

Fashion “ooooh’s and aaah’s”



There always comes a time when home is truly where the soul finds refuge.
Fashion capital or not I needed to revive my soul and only my mother’s food and familiar faces would help.

Initially the idea of travelling by bus just didn’t appeal to m. After the first trip to jozi by bus, I wasn’t going to make tht mistake again. Until now.

Traveling by bus used to be the main method of travel and the most comfortable. What changed? U can’t tell me the popular move to aeroplanes made the bus companies drop their standards.

In all this travelling my poor bum has bn sour for a good 70% of the trip. 

It’s no longer an option. Flying from Joburg to East London or vice versa should become first priority.  I wasn’t made for this type of travel.
Either way – I hope East London inspires me.


Chat later … xxx

Hometown glory

Winter and the wardrobe

This winter was dry.

This winter has been uninspiring on the bitterly cold streets of Johannesburg.

She’s bare.

I have been scouting for trends, staring at people’s feet under tables yet all i seem to find are well put together outfits.

I am not hating – I know this winter can be harsh on people but come on now.

I must say though, I have seen some beautiful people

Guys let’s be honest, getting dressed for a 4 degree minimum day isn’t easy.

You consider the “layer” count, warmth to comfort for day ratio and fashion  as well has to be considered.

My friends and I have spent time discussing how our wardrobes will not sacrifice warmth but we still will look good. Here are a couple of wardrobe necessities to help you through the winter.


Winter and the wardrobe