I am 22 years old, with blue eyes and a constantly changing hair colour.

I am a lover of little details like… poetry and the classics, music at top volume, dancing until my feet hurt – never taking off my heels, sneakers in every colour, blue jeans, giggling uncontrollably, being a Barbie doll – hair, nails and make up (in that order), scarves are a must, vintage stores, quaint cafés, hand written letters, getting a new tattoo, and in all ways making a statement.

But, to define who I am you must know of the One who has created me,
Jesus Christ.
He is my Beloved.
He has created me intentionally and with purpose,
I am made to fly and do great things.
Without Him I am nothing.

My style is dependent on the occasion and my mood, my only objective is to be comfortable but at all times look good. My biggest style secret is to have an incredibly honest friend or family member. This is so that when you make an attempt at a new trend, so there is someone to give the ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ before committing any faux pas.  In this blog, I hope to share and learn on all things related to fashion.

Comfort and fun are just the little things to this woman. She has brains, guts and her fashion adapts for her convenience and her needs.



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